Shahaf Sali Goldenberg Law Office and Notary was established in 1970 by its founder, the late Advocate Eli Shahaf.

Our head offices are in the Shahaf House Building in Nesher, and the firm has another branch in the Rabin neighborhood of Karmiel.

The office practices many different fields, primarily commercial, civil and real estate law. The office represents many business customers, development and contractor companies (private and public), EPC contractors, manufacturing plants, garages, businesses and private individuals.

We advise companies and businesses on a daily basis in many different fields, including commercial law, corporate law, drafting of commercial agreements, agreements with various suppliers, consultation in the field of personnel and labor laws, municipal taxation, torts – work accidents and road traffic accidents, local authorities, representation in courts, representation before the land taxation authorities and more.

The office practices mediation, primarily marital mediation in divorce proceedings, and serves as an arbitrator in business and commercial arbitration proceedings.

In the field of real estate and representation of development and contractor companies, we represent leading companies in the construction sector. We specialize in representation of and dealing with development projects, within which we attend to the sale of homes in new projects, apartment and house construction, commercial and industrial construction, working before the local authorities – land registration ,Israel Land Authority, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, planning and construction committees, local councils and so on, from the stages of land purchase and/or the signing of development agreements with the Israel Land Authority, the sale of homes to purchasers, processing of individual lease agreements, registration of condominiums and final registration under the names of purchasers in the Land Registrar records.

We serve as a housing company for many projects, including thousands of homes and stores.

In addition, as part of the processing of projects, we specialize in representation in lawsuits concerning construction flaws, other claims of purchasers, claims against subcontractors and suppliers and representation before the authorities.

We serve as legal advisors of the Haifa and Northern Region Contractors Organization and have been regularly involved in the construction and contracting field for many years.

The office is currently headed by Advocate and Notary Oren Sali, who has been a partner in the office since 1999, and Advocate and Notary Keren Goldenberg, who has been a partner in the office since 2014.

Our office stands for providing close, regular and personal service at high, immediate availability and forming personal relations alongside professional service.

The late Advocate Eli Shahaf – founder of the office.

Born in 1941, survived the Holocaust after fleeing the Krakow ghetto in Poland owing to his mother’s courage and resourcefulness. Graduate of the Akko Naval Officers’ School and graduate of the IDF Naval Officers’ Course. Eli Married and raised a family with Hedva, his wife, with whom he had three children – Advocate Ofir Shahaf, Or Shahaf and Advocate Shiry Shahaf.

He graduated from the Law School of the Hebrew University in 1969 with a master’s degree in admiralty law, was the president of the Israel Maritime Court and chief plaintiff of the Haifa District of the Israel Bar.

Eli, the founder of the office, passed away in 2010 after about 40 years of practicing law in

צרו קשר